Choosing the Right Training School and How to Stay Safe

We get many clients contacting us who say they have paid for courses only to find out that the accreditation received didn’t allow them to be insured and therefore start earning a wage. This article maps out how to get a recognised accreditation and the ability to be fully insured.

Firstly, don’t believe everything you see on Facebook or advertising – do your research as described below

How to Check that a School is genuine

“The course content, the tutor credentials and certificates provided, including teaching certificates, MUST BE VERIFIED AND CHECKED by a third party.
That means that school is GENUINE!”


A training school should display what official body their courses are accredited by and what insurer’s you will be able to use following training. For example, all Top Talons training is accredited by the ABT, (Associated Beauty Therapists and the Beauty Guild. A link should be available to those bodies clearly showing the training company on their website.

For Top Talons ABT Link click here and type our post code S42 7DS into the search box to see our listing

Click here for Top Talons Beauty Guild Link

It may even be worth checking with any insurers to confirm the training schools course will allow you to be insured.

We advise these checks are carried out before paying any deposit. Top Talons are more than happy for you to contact either ABT or the Guild to confirm our credentials. Any training school that isn’t willing to give you these details, keep your money and run!

Why Choose Top Talons

We are open and honest about our accreditation’s and we also take great pride in looking after our customers. You don’t just get nail or beauty training, we also give you practical business advise to help you succeed in your chosen new career. We have a longstanding history of over 20 years and all our wonderful GENIUNE reviews on our website show our clients are more than happy with their training and return to us time and time again for further training.

Choose us for your training, as a longstanding and trusted academy, and you can be assured of good honest advice, top quality training, friendly qualified tutors, great prices and genuine accreditation’s for the future of YOUR business.