Lash extension glues are cyanoacrylate and give off vapours, which can be attracted to clients eyes , nose and mouth causing in some cases redness and irritation

Vapours can be minimised by the following:  We teach about lash extension glues on our lash extension courses

Good air movement. This is vital around the working area and clients face.
Glue vapours are heavier than air and if no air movement is present the vapours can drop and also stay around the working area for longer.
Local extraction if possible at the work area
Do not leave opened containers around work area
Humidity & room temperature levels need to be continually monitored – keeping within parameters for best bonds and to minimise vapours.
Also by using Optimum Retention Plus product applied AFTER the full set has been applied the glue will be cured fully in less than 30 minutes so reducing vapours and thus reducing chance of sensitivities and minimising vapours as glue will be cured much faster.

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