Nail Extension Jargon

The Proximal nail Fold is LIVING SKIN

Must NOT be cut or treated roughly or will grow back thicker and harder as will be damaged and can bleed or get infected.

It is the entire flap of skin which covers the matrix


Underside of proximal of nail fold

This is the source of 100% of the cuticle tissue

Creates cuticle cells constantly, which is DEAD skin

Thickness of eponychium is approx 0.1mm

Nail Cuticle

A thin layer of DEAD tissue derived from the eponychium.

It CANNOT grow back thicker and will NOT bleed when cut – it is dead and has now blood supply

Is a barrier to seal pathogens from entering ther matrix which may cause infection

The thickness of the cuticle is determined by the length of the eponychium

The thickness of the nail plate is determined by the length of the matrix

What is Nail Pterygium?

This is abnormal growth of skin onto the nail plate- it is a medical condition not to be treated by a nail technician

can be caused by

serious injury



over pinching of extensions