Top Talons has designed and runs many nail courses throughout the year. The course you need will entirely depend on your existing skills and also what may interest you such as nail art or nail extensions.

Here are a few of our most popular courses:

Acrylic & Gel Combination Nail Courses

On our acrylic nail course, you will learn the essential theory behind creating the perfect acrylic nail extensions. This is coupled with practical advice and guidance on using the best tools and techniques to create acrylic nails.

On these acrylic nail technician courses you will learn how to:

  • Choose size & fit nail tips
  • Blend a nail extension tip
  • Shape nail extensions
  • Create the perfect mix of acrylic nail liquid and powder to create acrylic nails.
  • Paint the nail with a gel
  • Maintenance and infill techniques
  • Removal of the acrylic and tips and aftercare

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Gel Nail  & Gel Nail Extension Course

Nail gel is self-leveling and so can create a shiny smooth look on many nails.  Nail art and glitter can also be built into gel nails making this a popular technique amongst both the client and the technician. Our gel nail courses include training on how to apply overlays and build nail extensions.

On a Gel Nail Course you will learn how to:

  • Tip types and application
  • Blending and shape tips
  • Overlay of clear gel product building a shape and apex with gel
  • How to use gel nail brush correctly
  • Gel Nail Lamp curing information
  • Finishing/ buffing/filing techniques
  • Removal, infill and aftercare are also covered.

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Complete Nail Technician Course

Our 3 day Complete Nail Technician Course which covers Manicure and pedicure, Silk/ fiberglass nail extensions & Acrylic UV gel nail extensions. Learn all the necessary skills to be a nail technician with our complete full nail technician course.   We offer value for money nail training, so you can enter the nail industry with the best possible prices. Please note that the three days are not always consecutive.

On a Gel Nail Course, you will learn all the details of :

  • Manicure and pedicure
  • UV Gel  and Acrylic Nails
  •  Fiberglass and Silk Nails
  • Acrylic and Gel extensions
  • Gel Nail Lamp curing information
  • Manicure and Pedicure

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